Comment préparer votre barbecue pour la nouvelle saison

Step 1: Clean the barbecue

Thoroughly clean all parts of the barbecue, including the valves and connecting pipes. Sometimes insects make their nest there.

A good wire brush will help you scrub off the accumulated deposits on your grills.

When the dirt is well embedded, you may need help.

Next, scrub the outside with a non-scratch scrubbing sponge to remove the toughest dirt.

Step 2: Check the gas lines

It's really important to check carefully for gas leaks. It's one thing to burn your nose, it's another to blow up your house! Using a mixture of half dish soap and half water, coat the fittings, pipes and cylinder. Open the gas valve while leaving the lid of your barbecue open to allow the gas to flow freely. If bubbles form around the fittings, tighten them. If bubbles form on the cylinder, change the cylinder immediately. A rusty cylinder can be very dangerous. Repeat until everything is free of leaks.

Also check the condition of your burners. The flames should be blue and not go out on all sides. If so, change your burners.

Step 3: Give it some love

  • Polish the stainless steel a bit to give it a youthful look
  • You can also oil your grills to protect them after each use!