Comment s'endormir

End it early

If you're having an emotionally charged or tense conversation with someone, try to end it an hour before you go to bed. This gives you time to step back, relax and adopt a more relaxed state.

Make a nightly routine

It's not just kids who need a bedtime routine. Adults can benefit from it as well. Having a series of steps to prepare for bed teaches your brain to get used to the process and prepares it for rest.

Find your comfortable place

"Comfortable" is subjective, but having a mattress that you find comfortable is essential to sleeping well. People who find their mattress comfortable have deeper sleep and more efficient sleep than people who sleep on something they are not happy with.

Leave the screen but keep the sound

Experiencing the pleasant sounds of nature helps people recover from stress more quickly.4 Prepare a bedtime video or playlist so you don't have to play with your phone before bed. Research nature sounds for the kind of hearing assistance that will help you relax.