Pour mettre la touche finale à votre décor !

We spend a lot of time in our apartment or house, so why not invest in decoration? To put the final touch to a room, the one that will give it the sparkle and the WOW, there is nothing like the right accessories in the right places.

Master the art of mix & match

The secret: Mix and match objects of different colors and sizes with vases, frames, statues or knickknacks. By combining black, gold or white, you can create a chic and unpretentious effect. You can opt for a more neutral decor that will brighten up your room in a soft way. Don't forget that odd numbers are always a priority.


Afraid of overloading your room with small accessories? Choose glass accessories in your favorite color. You'll get a very light décor.

Plants and more plants

The plant trend is still going strong and is still the best low-cost alternative to dress up your space. If you don't have a green thumb, opt for fake plants.

Go for small accessories that give a whole new tone to your interior. Small, yes, but a big change guaranteed!