Tout sur la Plancha

What is a plancha?

It is a large enamelled cast iron plate placed on a high quality 304L marine stainless steel base for the LA PLANCHA model or on a galvanised steel base for the BERGERAC model.

Why enamelled cast iron?

It is a robust material that absorbs and retains the most heat, diffuses it the most evenly and can rise to very high temperatures: 680F max approximately.

How is the plate?

It is 7mm thick and is covered with 3 layers of enamel. It is surrounded by high rims that make cooking easier and prevent spills. They also help to maintain the temperature on the plate.

Why enamel?

Because enamel is very resistant, easy to clean and recyclable. Our enamel is guaranteed food contact.

Which base to choose?

Two choices of base: a 304L stainless steel base or a grey galvanized steel base. The 304L marine stainless steel offers a strong resistance to humidity and corrosion. Galvanized steel is a moisture resistant solution. The base rests on 4 adjustable feet and has one or two juice/fat trays.

How does it work?

A simple electronic ignition powered by a 2AA battery allows you to start the plancha safely. Press the ignition button to start the spark, then press the lever and turn it. Hold it down for 10 seconds so that the flame goes on the entire burner. The griddle rises to 680F in about 5-7 minutes.

The ranges

We offer two ranges of Plancha: La Plancha and La Bergerac. The enamelled cast iron plates are identical in both models, the only difference is the base.
All our planchas are supplied with the Pop-up protective cover included.

La Plancha range:

Base made of high quality 304L marine stainless steel, highly resistant to humidity and corrosion.
Available in 3 sizes: 18''- 1 burner or 24''- 2 burners or 32''- 3 burners.

La Bergerac range :

Heavy duty grey galvanized steel base.
Available in 3 sizes: 18''- 1 burner or 24''- 2 burners or 32''- 3 burners


- The Plate is guaranteed for life
- Burners 10 years
- The other parts 2 years

Cooking with a Plancha is :

A healthy kitchen:

No or little need for fat to cook. The enamel is non-stick naturally because smooth and non-porous. No release of harmful smoke or backfire because no juice or fat falls on the flames. Cooking smoke only.

A versatile kitchen:

The plancha can cook everything you want as well as meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruit. From brunch to dinner and everyday. The fact of having a full surface to cook allows you to cook large pieces of meat but also vegetables (eg Asparagus that do not fall), pancakes, eggs etc ... You can literally cook EVERYTHING to the plancha. Also, no transfer of flavors between each dish.
- A tasty cuisine: The plancha is a contact cooking on the plate heated to high temperature so all the juices and flavors of food are preserved on the plate. By searing directly on the plate, we create a caramelization of proteins that allows to keep all the flavors inside the food. This results in a meat that is crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. No dehydration of food or drying out.
- A fast and safe cooking: In 5-7 min the plancha reaches 680F. Electronic ignition and safe because the flame is under the plate and each burner is equipped with a gas safety, the thermocouple. If the flame goes out, the thermocouple is no longer heated and therefore does not let the gas out. No flame = no gas leakage
- Quick and easy to clean: After cooking, scrape off food residues with the stainless steel spatula (#SP150 and #SP210) or the steel wool (#SBI53), wipe off the residues with a cloth or paper towel, and you can cook something else directly. No risk of damaging the plate with stainless steel utensils or steel wool. You can also make a deglazing with water or white vinegar by putting the plancha at maximum temperature. At the end of use, when the plancha is cold, we pass a paste of clay 100% natural (#PMC300) that finishes removing residue and gives the shine to the plate.