Frequently asked questions


For residential use, the basic warranty on furniture and appliances is 1 year, but some companies may offer longer coverage. Please refer to your appliance manufacturer's guide for more information.

Yes, we can extend your basic warranty by adding an additional 2 or 4 years of extended warranty.

Yes, it is possible to extend the warranty on various items. However, it is important to contact us a minimum of 30 days before your warranty expires. Contact an agent in the chat room for more information. Chat

It will be our pleasure to verify if you are eligible for a refund. Please contact the customer service department according to your purchase: Furniture or Appliances.


Website: Visa and Master Card. In one of our branches: Cash, cheque, debit card and Visa and Master credit card.

If you are purchasing online, please contact us directly at chat . For in-store purchases, simply present your gift card at the time of purchase.

Purchase order / Contract

For purchases made online, you will find your number in the ORDER INFORMATION section, under reference number: 1449-204546-XXXXXX. For purchases made in store, you will find your number in the upper right corner of your order form.

Follow-up of a purchase order

For in-store purchases, please contact your sales consultant. For online purchases, click here to contact an chat with an agent.


A delivery fee of 50$ will be charged on each purchase order except for some companies that have additional fees.

Each item received will be unpacked and inspected at the time of delivery.

Delivery is available 3 days after the date of purchase of the devices.

Please fill in the following form to receive a call from a service agent: Furniture or Appliances

For any breakage at home made by the deliverymen at the time of the delivery, it is necessary to contact the after-sales service immediately during these events at the following email with all the details and photos as proof at the following address: or call 450-588-7211 ext. 1261.

Yes, it is possible. Simply advise your advisor at the time of purchase. However, your device must be unplugged and ready to go.

Find a store

Click here for more information: Branch Info

Customer feedback

Chat with us or contact us via our address:

Gift cards

Yes, of course. Please refer to your branch advisor or chat with an agent online by clicking here: "Chat

If you shop online, please contact us directly : chat. For in-store purchases, simply present your gift card at the time of purchase.

Return / Exchange

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you must first contact the store manager and make an agreement with him/her.

Bill 25 - Protection of personal information

Cloé Perreault, Privacy Officer (450) 588-7211